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One Step closer to building our dream home DEBT FREE!

One Step closer to building our dream home DEBT FREE!


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for man glitter hahaha I’m just as excited as everybody else

Long Time coming waiting on the weather but honestly waiting on my nerve I’m actually a little bit nervous about firing up the sawmill this is the first time I’ve ever operated The sawmill first time I’ve ever cut my own lumber.  If you guys have been around our channel for a while my wife and I we live in the log cabin that you seen the video that we built that ourselves but I actually harvested the wood and had it sent to a sawmill for them to Mill it up for me this is the first time that we’ve actually harvested logs and we’re bringing him here to our own sawmill so as far as living off-grid or living on our homestead the main goal for us is to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as we can and making our own lumber and other items that we can actually barter or sell or trade for is a big waves in homestead


So whats this here is a warrior sawmill by Hudson it’s a really nice campaign that they came up with this sawmill right here as you can see is kind of decorated in some military garb because every sale of this saw will actually donate a portion of the sales to our veterans okay so that’s some good solid stuff right there


I’m going to do a few things here make sure the batteries are all this is all hooked up I’m going to go over my nuts and bolts off camera so you guys aren’t bored Then we’re going to start it up and we’re going to start making our boards


stay tuned as we’re going to learn how to use this saw and we’re going to Mill up all the outside lumber for the building that we put up last summer of the learning center where the solar power is so stay tuned for that you’re going to see how all this lumber comes right out of these logs and goes right on that building.