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3 in 1 Board Feet Log Scale-Doyle, Scribner, and International Log Scales

3 in 1 Log Ruler

3 in 1 Board Feet Log Scale-Doyle, Scribner, and International Log Scales

3 in 1 Boardfoot Log Scale

Hi, I’m Dan Hudon with Hud-Son Forest Equipment and I want to show you this log scale stick that I came up with that will help a landowner determine how many board feet you have in a log and if he’s buying/selling logs he’ll have an idea of how many board feet is leaving his property.

What’s different about this stick is that it’s got all three scales that they use. They us the Doyle scale the Scribner scale, and they also use the International scale.

To educate the landowner or you I’ve come up with this scale that you can purchase so you have three in one. To give you an idea of how this scale works you need to know the length of your log. You take the stick, go to the small end of the log, not the large end but the small end you measure across the stick. This stick happens to be 24 inches inches in diameter. So if I go to my scale stick and look up 8 foot long, and 24 inch diameter there’s roughly two hundred board feet in the log right there.

What’s important about this is that all 3 scales aren’t exactly the same. If this was a 10 foot log and you were using the Doyle system there’s only 18 board feet in it. If you were using the Scribner there’s 24 board feet in it. If your using the International scale there’30 board feet in it.

So if your buying and selling this is an easy way to learn how to compare the scales to see if your getting the most dollar for the logs your selling.

Thank you very much.

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