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Gibon Dump Boxes

Gibon Dump Boxes

Hydraulic TP boxes


  • Enable easier transportation
  • Double-acting cylinder Models
  • Mechanical lever dump models
  • Various sizes

Specifications: Gibon Dump Boxes

These dump boxes can be used on the Farm, Residential, Commercial and Contractor use. Also, can be used in the winter, remove the tailgate for plowing snow, picking up snow with it’s heavy gage steel plate and moving it out of your way. Handy dump action makes it easy to unload. Reasonably priced, many sizes and style available. 



Model 140-85H

Dimensions 55″ x 33.5″ x 15.75″

Weight 408lbs

Load capacity 1000lbs

Recommended Tractor power 20 -45 hp


Gibon Dump Boxes


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