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Firewood Bundler Electric Model

Firewood Bundler Electric Model

The Electric Firewood Bundler

Increase your dollars per cord by selling bundled firewood

• Effectively bundles 1 cube (12″ x 12″) of firewood
• Ideal for camp stores or roadside bundled wood sales
• Simple foot pedal operation makes bundling easy and fast

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Specifications: Firewood Bundler Electric Model

Hud-Son Forest Equipment offers a simple way to bundle firewood for sale at campgrounds, convenient stores or any place you would like to offer bundled firewood for sale. The Electric firewood bundler is quick and easy to use. The Hud-Son firewood bundler can wrap firewood from 14″ to 24″ in length. The Firewood Bundler can bundle up to 1 full cube. It boasts a strong, sturdy frame design, 2 handles and 2 wheels for easy maneuverability and storage. The firewood bundler comes standard with 11″, 60 gauge wrap. The bundler is able to utilize 11″ or 14″ wrap available in many retail office supply stores and the 11″ wrap is available at Hud-Son Forest Equipment. The tension of the bundle is also adjustable for different styles of wrap. The Hud-Son firewood bundler is simple to use with a foot pedal to engage the wrapping action. Simply place your firewood in the bundler frame, start the wrap around the bundle, before the last wrap around, place your business name and price tag under that last wrap layer to protect it from the elements, cut the wrap and remove the wrapped bundle. Your firewood is now ready for sale in less than a minutes time. Motor is a 1/4 HP Single Phase 115 Volt.


Don’t forget your preload Basket

Part No. ACC-003


Firewood Bundler Electric Model


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12" Shrink Wrap

1 Roll 12"X1500' 80 Gauge

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Pre-load Basket 12" x 12"

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1 review for Firewood Bundler Electric Model

  1. Dave Urner

    I bought the HUD-Son Electric Firewood Bundler more than 5 years ago. I bought it from Wes Stouffer Equipment in Ephrata, PA.. I attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show looking for something to bundle firewood. Nothing was being exhibited. I went to a chainsaw exhibitor at the show and inquired as to where I would be able to purchase anything to bundle wood. I was so intent on finding a bundler that I left the show before I viewed those exhibits I enjoy and beat on over to Ephrata. It was in the dead of winter and that day was colder than cold and windy to boot. Wes had 3 bundles on hand…2 manual and 1 electric…and the electric was sold. I told Wes that I really liked the features of the HUD-Son electric unit and that I needed one like NOW! Wes said let me make a call to a place near Wilkes Barre, PA who he distributes equipment to, he may have on inventory. With a smile on his face Wes reported that the guy had one. I told him flat out…SOLD. My wife and hooked up the trailer and made a bee line to the place the next morning in a snow storm. The long and short is I settled up what I owed and headed back home and began splitting firewood to bundle to offer to those who do not have room for much more than several bundles. I buy my wood by the tri-axle loads of 20 ft Pennsylvania hard wood which is clear cut wood from acreage sawmills contract to manage for the state of PA. I get tiffany wood, no junk, no rot, some knots, no disease. I am retired and have reached the gentle age of 83. I am in my 5th year of bundling firewood. I also have an outdoor wood burning furnace. I’m in my 12th year of heating my home and domestic hot water with wood. The bottom line, this bundler that HUD-Son builds and sells is like that Energizer rabbit. It keeps going and going and going….problem free to date.. I recommend the unit to energetic innovative people. Without giving precise amounts I will say this. I use approx one tri-axle load of logs in a 12 month period to heat home and water. I process more than a tri-axle load of logs during the period temperatures are below 40 degrees after which camping and fire pit season begins……….to meet demand for bundled firewood. I love what I do. I am upgrading my splitting capability to a HDH 5 HUD-Son from a hydraulic Iron& Oak 22 ton commercial splitter. I do have a kenetic splitter to split slab wood for kindling. Very fast and convenient and bundles beautifully with my HUD-Son Firewood Bundler. 🐠 ✝️ ✅

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