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Hud-Son Forest Equipment is a New York State based company located in the foothills of the Adirondacks.  What started out as a Mom and Pop business known as Hudon and Son in 1946, has since taken on the name of Hud-Son.  The Hudon family has many members working in various departments among this strong employee group.  We’ve always been involved with forestry and forestry equipment with a simple love for the outdoors.


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We manufacture and import high quality forestry equipment for folks much like ourselves. We find pride in providing tools to forestland owners,  loggers,  tree farmers,   arborists,  among many others. In our main location in Barneveld NY,  we employ local guys and gals many who have come to think of this as more than a job.  We work together like a family unit.

We love our customers and thank all of the good folks who help to make Hud-Son a success by purchasing our products over the years.  We will continue to strive to provide the quality and affordable product you have come to expect from Hud-Son.

We’ll be here for years to come to provide you with service before and after the sale.

Daniel J. Hudon

Hud-Son Story 

Featured on RFDTV

Hud-Son Forest Equipment was recently featured on RFDTV. The show features Hud-Son Forest Equipment and shares a brief history of our past, where were are now and where we would like to be in the future. We hope you enjoy this video about us.

Manufacturing Tour

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This is where hard working local men and women create our Hud-Son Equipment in the The Foothills Of The Adirondacks.