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homesteader line sawmill from hud-son


The HFE-30 is portable and easy to store,  but can get the serious work done too. With a log capacity of 30” and optional unlimited lengths of cut,  you can efficiently saw boards and beams, which can be used in your home construction and maintenance projects.  With the manual height adjustment, you can quickly and accurately adjust the thickness of cut to the 1/16”.  The adjustable Hud-Son dual guide system and the built in blade lubrication system will keep the blade true and cool.


3-6 year warranty for your portable sawmill

(9 customer reviews)


HFE -30 Homsteader Portable Sawmill is the perfect addition to any farm, ranch or woodlot. This workhorse will make your standing or downed timber in to fencing, flooring, out buildings, furniture, boat docks and more, the possibilities are endless! Produce all the lumber for your project for a fraction of what it would cost you at a box store. Imagine how handy it would be if when you needed a few boards or several, you could just saw it up right on the spot. Handling log diameters up to 30” you do not have to back down from many of the larger trees. The HFE-30 a great combination of affordability and size.


  • Homesteader Max Log Capacity
    30″ Diameter
  • Distance Between Guide
  • Max Thickness of Cut
  • Standard Track Length
    14′ / 2 – 7′ Sections
  • Log Dogs
    2 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • Blade
    167 X 1.25 X .042″
  • Blade Lubrication
    5 Gallon
  • Track Sweeps


  • Engine / Motor
    14hp Gas – Manual Start
  • Clutch Engagement


  • Frame
    Modified 4 Post
  • Bandwheels
  • Guide System
    Dual Shoe Guides, 1 Adjustable
  • Lift System
    Manual Cable
  • Measuring
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • Main Bearings


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
    Residential Use
  • 6-Year Warranty
    Main Shafts and Bearings
  • Accessories
    7′ Extra Track / Sweeps
    Guide Kit

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WM167 Blade Replacement

Single Blade

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WM167-BOX Blade Replacement

Case of 15 Blades

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TE-30/36 7' Steel Track Extension

w/ Dog

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HF-BG-KIT Blade Guide Kit

Guide Wear Parts

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  1. Mike Drawbaugh

    I am just two weeks in from purchasing my HFE 30 but I couldn’t be more pleased! I spend months researching to decide which manufacturer I would choose. I chose Hud-Son because they are a US manufacturer and also from the NE region as I am. When I requested a catalog I received it within two days of my request. I also received two follow-up emails from the nearest distributor and that is when I learned that my local farm equipment supplier was a dealer for Hud-Son. That made up my mind.
    I had the mill set up and cut my first log the very day I bought it. Very simple to assemble if you follow the instructions. This weekend, I cut up a large maple trunk into thick slabs. It just fit the rig as it was 30″ in diameter. This mill cut through that maple as fast and clean as it does with the pine!
    Great mill, great quality, great performance! I am so pleased with this mill. I would be happy to have anyone locally come to my farm and see this mill in action before they make their purchase decision. Great job folks!!

  2. Chris Adams

    HFE 30. It’s working great. I’ve milled 14 logs. I’d love it if the dogs weren’t locked at the same angle as the log stops. I’ve rolled a few logs right over the other side

    Image #1 from Chris Adams
  3. Rick France

    I bought this model HFE30 in February of 2020. The staff was absolutely the best. Very friendly and helpful. Since this purchase i have sawn 20,000+ bf on this mill. My review is based on my experience with this mill. The track on this model is well built and heavy, bullet proof. The mill itself is built well and has held up well. Now for the things that could have been better. Engine HP is adequate but a little bit more would be better. The log knees and the dogs unable to move separately is a real pain and allows logs to keep right on rolling off the backside. The winch that raises the mill up and down started to bind. I removed the crank handle and gear cover to find the gears completely dry. No grease. By the time i found this problem the teeth were damaged. The rollers that the cables roll over have nylon bushings instead of bearings. The bushings wore out quickly. The blade backing bearings on the guides even though a sealed bearing seized up due to the cooling water penetrating the seal. The tensioner bolt runs through a welded nut. A grease fitting in the center of this nut would make lubricating this nut/bolt easier. All these things were small problems and easily remedied. This is also due to the mill being used almost everyday as i am building several buildings. The saw is very accurate and produces very nice lumber. If i had to do it all over again i would buy this mill again due to the reasonable price.

    Image #1 from Rick France
  4. Dalton M

    I bought the HFE 30 about a month ago and have sawn about 2000 board feet . This mill is very easy to use and adjust and cuts straight. Easy to set up and maintain. Highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Dalton M
  5. Bill C

    Purchased a HFE 30 Sawmill on 10/21/2020 , have sawed a lot of lumber with it , several 3”x10”x24’ cedar beams, several 8”x8”x20’ post from used utility poles, now working on 250 4 quarter x 4”x7’cedar boards , I like the Sawmill, and I believe Hud-Son to be a very good Company

  6. Bill Redd

    HFE30 – picked up my mill from a local dealer. He gave me several tips on setting it up. I spent a lot of time setting up the tracks to make sure it was perfectly level. I started slow and ran a couple 12″ diameter logs through. The mill ran great and is easy to use. I moved to some large 24″ diameter logs and made 2×4 and 2×6 lumber. I have several projects planned, working on milling piles of lumber. My kids have all put their orders in as well. I am extremely happy with the Hudson HFE-30 and am looking forward to saving a lot of money on lumber.

    Image #1 from Bill Redd
    Image #2 from Bill Redd
    Image #3 from Bill Redd
  7. Bill Coleman

    Had a shaft break on Friday, contacted my Dealer, received a new part under warranty ( no cost to me ) on Tuesday. I’m very happy with the excellent service from the company and my dealer..

  8. Michael Counsil

    I love my HFE-30 mill!!! I should have owned this 30 years ago!!

  9. Dennis Lashway

    HFE-30. Nice rig for the money.

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