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Sawyer Portable Sawmill

Sawyer Portable Sawmill


Decades of experience designing &
collaborating with customers for a budget sawmill

Selling thousands of portable sawmills has led to the All-American Sawyer mill that is perfect for the do-it-yourself handyman. When it’s hard to justify an extra expense for higher priced sawmills, this competitively priced portable sawmill is our most unique mill yet.


• Unassembled to help meet your needs and budget (assembly available at and additional charge)
• Bolt together frame with no welding was developed with extra bracing, making the mill sturdy and durable



(6 customer reviews)

Specifications: Sawyer Portable Sawmill

Hud-Son Freedom portable sawmills, our most affordable build-it-yourself sawmills.

Save money and assemble the bandsaw yourself, or for a little more you can purchase one pre-assembled. Built in the USA for the handyman, farmer or woodland homesteader. Choose from the red, white and blue Sawyer or camouflage custom painted Hunter.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment is introducing the all-new Freedom Line with the Sawyer portable sawmill. This sawmill is built here in the USA in our hometown of Barneveld, NY. Some people just cannot reason with the extra expense for the very high priced sawmills on the market. Hud-Son Forest Equipment has come up with a solution to save YOU money.

With the experience of selling thousands of sawmills across the USA and internationally, we’ve seen what is out there and what customers want.. so we’ve come up with the Sawyer, an All-American Mill that is perfect for the Do-it-yourselfer, Handyman or mechanically skilled person.

Competitively priced, this is our most unique mill yet. It can be ordered assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget. With our how-to instructional DVD, you can easily assemble this mill at home with simple hand tools… no welding necessary! The bolt together frame is developed with extra bracing, making the mill sturdy and durable. We suggest reviewing the instructional video prior to purchasing the Sawyer Sawmill. You could also stop by your local dealership to view them in person. Then you can decide if you want the Unassembled price or the Assembled price.

The Sawyer is designed and manufactured with hardworking Americans in mind. It comes with a three-year warranty. Contact your local Hud-son Dealer or buy now below to get your Sawyer Sawmill today.


  • Max Log Capacity
    21″ Diameter
  • Distance Between Guide
  • Max Thickness of Cut
  • Standard Track Length
    12′ Aluminum Lag Down
  • Log Dogs
    2 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • Blade
    132 X 1.25 X .035″
  • Blade Lubrication
    2.5 Gallon
  • Track Sweeps


  • Engine / Motor
    7hp Gas – Manual Start
  • Clutch Engagement


  • Frame
    Modified 4 Post
  • Bandwheels
  • Guide System
    Dual Shoe Guides, Fixed
  • Lift System
    Manual Cable
  • Measuring
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • Main Bearings


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
    Residential Use
  • 6-Year Warranty
    Main Shafts and Bearings

We are filling orders as they come in. Pre-Order and get on list. 


Sawyer Portable Sawmill



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Assembly Charge

Assembled Hunter-Sawyer

$841.00Add to cart

WM132 Replacement Bandblade

Single Blade

$32.00Add to cart

WM132 Replacement Bandblade

Case 15 Blades

$362.00Add to cart

TE-21A Track Extension

Aluminum 4’ track w/ cross sect

$324.00Add to cart

DOG-21 Log Dog Assembly

w/ Jbar

$252.00Add to cart

HF-BG-KIT Blade Guide Kit

Guide Wear Parts

$58.00Add to cart

6 reviews for Sawyer Portable Sawmill

  1. James W. (verified owner)

    The Freedom Sawmill works great. I didn’t have too much trouble getting it together. It’s worth the cost and time

  2. Ronald Ossi

    Took Delivery 4/12/2018,,, and still love it. I made one change to the mill and that was a constant worm drive winch to raise and lower the Mill Head other than that this is a fantastic machine for the cost would recommend it to anyone!

  3. Otis F


  4. Jacob Cogger

    I bought this mill for our high school woodshop program. It was shipped unassembled and did take some head scratching to get it assembled. After sawing up to close to 6,000 b.f. of lumber here is what I have say.

    -pay for the upgraded track. You think that you will never saw a log big enough to bend the aluminum, think again. We had some giant oaks that really did a number on the track.
    -the log dogs are a pain to loosen and engage.
    -buy the longest track that you can afford.
    -the motor is great and always runs like a champ, it is super efficient with fuel consumption as well.
    -I would consider pouring a small concrete slab to mount the track to. It would be easier to roll a log onto the mill then.
    -If you cut your lubricant with antifreeze you can cut in the cold weather.

    Overall it is a solidly built and manageable mill. Blades are relatively inexpensive if you are sawing a lot of yard trees with metal, concrete, etc.

  5. Mike Reilly

    Nearly 5 years I’ve owned this now, I think. I had great interactions via telephone with getting my questions answered, unit arrived earlier than expected. It went together fairly easily with excellent instructions and tips. Even completely stock the mill did everything I expected it too. Only thing I’ve changed in 5 years is I went to a roller design for guides and not because the stock ones were faulty but it’s what we use at work and I’m familiar with them. Motor still starts by second pull and with sharp blades has plenty of power. I’m not sure I could be much more satisfied with this mill. I feel I got a bargain.

  6. Joseph Vaine

    Mill head is great and cuts wonderful. Easy to put together and operate. Log dogs are a little tough to work with.

    Image #1 from Joseph Vaine
    Image #2 from Joseph Vaine

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