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• Heavy-duty 1 1/2” shafts and bearings

• Produce lumber at any dimension

• Manually adjust board thickness, even paper thin cuts

• Effortlessly guide mill through log

• Lightweight & compact;  store in space 3’ x 7’


3-6 year warranty for your portable sawmill


(6 customer reviews)


Produce your own lumber for any number of construction or hobbyist projects. The HFE-21 is perfect for sawing your logs into boards or re-sawing boards to any needed dimension. This mill is pushed through the log with almost no effort. Imagine how handy it would be to just saw up a board or two right on the spot if you needed to. These economical sawmills can be easily stored when not in use. It’s lightweight and compact requiring no more than a 3’ x 7’ storage space. The blade guides are Hud-Son blade guides and provide the best blade support available. This mill has the same heavy-duty bearing system and guide system that are larger bandmills have. If your Homesteader job turns into a bit larger than planned the HFE-21 will be there for you.


  • Max Log Capacity
    21″ Diameter
  • Distance Between Guide
  • Max Thickness of Cut
  • Standard Track Length
    12′ / 2 – 6′ Sections
  • Log Dogs
    2 Cam Style Dogs & Square Posts
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • Blade
    132 X 1.25 X .035″
  • Blade Lubrication
    2.5 Gallon
  • Track Sweeps


  • Engine / Motor
    6.5hp Gas – Manual Start
  • Clutch Engagement


  • Frame
    Modified 4 post
  • Bandwheels
  • Guide System
    Dual Shoe Guides, Fixed
  • Lift System
    Manual Cable
  • Measuring
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • Main Bearings


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
    Residential Use
  • 6-Year Warranty
    Main Shafts and Bearings

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HFE-21E Homesteader Sawmill

5HP 220V Electric 12' Ground Track

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WM132 Blade Replacement

Single Blade

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WM132-BOX Blade Replacement

Case of 15 Blades

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TE-21 6' Steel track Extension


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HF-BG-KIT Blade Guide Kit

Guide Wear Parts

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  1. Ronnie Meade

    I went ahead and purchased the Homesteader HFE-21 mill from Chad from Timber Works. traveled to Laramie and he brought it to me.
    I’ve got it set up on an old 18′ sled I have just temporary to test it out. I have cut up several 1×6’s and they are top quality boards that are straight and smooth. Had to sit down with manual to figure out how log rule works. Found out one thing and that is don’t let people driving by see you cutting boards as they want to order some and I had to tell them I really wasn’t in the business selling boards yet. I told them to get a hold of you guy’s if they wanted a mill. Surprised how easy it was to get started.

  2. James Meixner

    i bought the hfe-21 about 4 years ago and i absolutely love it. The main things to remember is to make sure the track is straight and solid and that the blade is sharp and you don’t try to cut too fast. dry pine cuts so fast, green boards are horrible as they are too sappy and dense and bind up the blade. i tried getting blades sharpened but they never cut as well as a new blade. make sure the water has soap in it and is flowing well.
    My machine has paid for itself many times over.
    the people at Hud-Son are always great when i need blades or parts.
    I highly recommend this machine.

  3. Hud-Son (store manager)

    Thank you for your review Dean. We designed the offset pin to allow for a 1” remaining board on the bottom and to work with the “Cant Stops” on the track. Once you have a squared off a cant, lower the Square post all the way down and only dog into the bottom 1” of the Cant against the stops. This should eliminate the issue without after market welding.

  4. Dan

    I like the HFE-21, for the most part. It is a bit small for a lot of the logs I am cutting. I have to cut the protrusions off or cut the log down. I do go thru a lot of blades as I am cutting mostly Cherry and Maple. I have a question, what causes a wash board effect on the cut. Dull blade? Any suggestions for how to make them last longer.

  5. Hud-Son (store manager)

    Glad you are enjoying your mill! The dirt in the bark is the most common cause to dull a blade quickly. To extend blade life you can debark your logs using the Hud-Son Debarker chainsaw attachment:
    Also for sharpening blade check out the Hud-Son Bandblade Sharpener:

  6. Bill

    have had HFE-21 for a few years, not happy with the log dogs, frequently lift one side of the log when being set, the log stops have become loose and make a square cut very difficult. wish it had a little more power as the log stops cutting if you push a little too hard, all in all a good saw for the money, would buy a larger saw from Hudson if log dogs were improved and trailer available

  7. Hud-Son (store manager)

    Thank you for owning the HFE-21 Homesteader. When making dimensional lumber, once a square cant is made, use the Cant stops on the track to only lock the bottom inch of the cant. Use of the square posts is no longer needed. If you cannot dog into the cant stops on the track. Hold the squaring pin up, then use the log dog to clamp. (Using the dog to pull up the square post increases the offset) If you are edging boards use a square cant (like a 4” x 4”) against the square posts, then you can place your edge boards against the cant to give them a supported flat surface to clamp the log dog against. Also make sure you do not over dog the log, the weight of the log should mostly hold it in place.
    The 28″ and larger mills have trailer packages available. Thank you!

  8. Dan C


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