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Homesteader Portable Sawmills

Hud-Son Homesteader sawmills for homesteader, farm, or hobbyist

Produce lumber for any number of projects. Maximize resources from your own woodland. Homesteader features Hud-Son’s curved 2-post and vertical lift tube design. These portable bandsaw mills are lightweight, economical and requires no more a 3’ x 7’ storage space. Hi


Homesteader Portable Sawmill

6.5hp Gas – Manual Start
21″ Max Log Capacity
Welded Frame with 12’ Steel Track

HFE-21 Hud-son portable sawmill


Homesteader Portable Sawmill

13hp Gas – Manual Start
30″ Max Log Capacity
Welded Frame with 14’ Steel Track

HFE-30 homesteader sawmill by hud-son forest equipment


Homesteader Portable Sawmill

16hp Gas – Electric Start
36″ Max Log Capacity
Affordable Mill for larger logs