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We Saved Hundreds of Thousands with Hud-Son Sawmill

We Saved Hundreds of Thousands with Hud-Son Sawmill

Oscar 2

“We purchased an Oscar II Sawmill from one of your dealers back in 2000 and we literally worked the snot out of it. Our home is 5500 sq ft and every element was cut from Oscar Hud-son sawmill lumber.

The frame (except wall studs), flooring, sub floors, trusses, rafters, clap board siding (made on a jig) – hundreds of thousands of feet of 1x6s, 2x8s, columns and trim, every interior door – all hand made from hickory, cherry, walnut, and red wood.

All told, we literally saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs with the help of your equipment. I can say with confidence that the combined total cost of every building we built over 20 years did not exceed $100,000 in total cost to finish. Tremendous value!

Then tragedy struck. We awoke to a fire that totally destroyed our sawmill operation. The barn lost was 2 story with 16 years worth of excess lumber stored in the loft for future projects, poles and beams, salvaged barn lumber, siding, plus a huge pile of exotics in slab form all picked up to dry and cure.

I still have many more projects to build into my retirement years.”

Marvin & Brenda
Rose Hill, VA