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“Loading a log on a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior sawmill”

“Loading a log on a Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior sawmill”

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, “Loading the first log ever on the Hud-Son Forest Equipment Warrior portable sawmill and it ain’t pretty”.

That’s why I’m going to get a John Deere 333E because these Bobcat’s just aren’t good at picking up these heavy loads. They don’t have a good tip. You know braiding, right? So it can’t lift as much. I’ve seen the 333 from John Deere lift some stuff. The Bobcat comes in behind ii. Try’s to lift the same thing and it can’t. It starts tipping. So that’s why we’re going with the John Deere when we get this skid steer stuff figured out. I just wanted to show you guys that with these heavy loads. The Bobcat’s a good machine but it’s just not made for the meat man! That’s a 5 series, I’ve even looked at the 650’s, and even the 750’s the bigger ones and John Deere still out performs them, so. So that’s what I got for you right now. I got to stay busy.

Real quick we’ve got four generations here on the family farm. This is our first family farm so its really a big deal. While were all here were going to chip in and get this whole wood lot area cleaned up, starting with this big mess right here. As you can see I kind of let things lay about after we put the concrete on the big barn and now were going to get all this cleaned up/get the woodlot more organized.

(Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom line portable sawmill)

I hope the rock guy does an awesome job spreading that rock out so bam on that! Chickens can’t wait to b perma-culture chickens so don’t ever hold them back! There always up here working on the multch pile along with(who is that, Molly?) Hey, don’t you chase those chickens now! She’s doing really good on her farm training.

You have to remember that I could have edited it out or all of a sudden the log is on the sawmill but it takes practice to learn this stuff. I’ve never loaded a log onto a sawmill. That was the first time ever so I’m kind of like scrambling about but give me a couple times. Working with the equipment, figuring this stuff out.

Again, thanks for watching our videos! Got any questions about what’s going on this video or about the woodlot or anything else that you might have because we do live off grid, in a log cabin with no public utilities, no solar power, no wind turbine, no electricity. We have a little generator to use on demand. That’s it!! We have lived out here for 10 years! So if you have a question about something like that drop it in the comment section below. We’ll see you guys next video. We’re having lots of fun in 2020 so don’t miss a single video! Hit the subscribe button, give me a thumbs up sign on the way out. We’ll see you tomorrow!!!