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why own a sawmillDeciding to purchase a portable sawmill is a commitment that you need to consider the benefits

Top 5 Reasons of owning a Portable Sawmill


Why should I own a sawmill and how will a portable mill benefit me? If you already have decided to buy a sawmill  then choosing the right sawmill could be vital. See Choosing the right Sawmill.


Do you have your own timber stand or access to timber?

These trees can be  utilized from the land for many different building projects like a barn, out building, shed, garage, a cabin in your woods, or even that dream home. Be your own Homesteader!

Not only will using your own timber allow you to build,  you will also be cleaning up the land so that future trees will grow healthier and where you want them.

More reasons to Harvest Your Own Lumber is many times finding someone to mill for you, which can be a difficult and time consuming task. Once a Sawyer is hired, you are bound to his schedule not yours. Your hired hand will not be as conscientious of your land as you will be.  There are many do it yourself tools to use instead of heavy equipment that may rut up your land and make more work for you. Check out some low impact logging.


Are you an avid wood worker?

Can you imagine the freedom to make any project from a tree, from start to finish, and how rewarding that would be?

Even if you don’t have access to your own timber stand many neighbor, friends, and local business take down trees everyday just looking to give them away. You can take that and turn it into cabinets, furniture, mantles, and tables, the ideas are endless.

As a woodworker, many times you need a specific cut and at a specific time. With a portable bandmill  you are now at your leisure to cut any board at any time.

With you own portable sawmill you will not have to buy from “box stores” which is expensive and quality can be very undesirable having to sort through piles to find a quality piece.


Perhaps you are getting ready to retire?

A portable sawmill is a great way want to supplement income and stay active.

Not to mention spending time with your grandchildren and teaching them a skill that can use later in life.

If you are not working 40+ hours a week for someone else why not put in a few hours for yourself and finally finish those house projects. Before you either didn’t have the money or didn’t have the time (likely both) Now if you have your own mill you can have both.


Are you looking for a rewarding hobby or some R&R?

Many of us all have very stressful jobs and need to decompress.

Talk to any woodcutter and they will tell you there is just something wonderful about working with wood.

The reward a portable sawmill can bring to your spare time is endless. Whether you need to be alone or are looking for something to do with the family, wood cutting just might be the outlet you are looking for..


Are you a #doityourself looking to start your own business?

A portable sawmill will allow you to Be the Boss.

There are many different ways to make money with a portable sawmill. Besides making money don’t forget “a penny saved is a penny earned”. With a portable mill you can mill on site for customers, charging a fee usually by the hour or by board footage. With the mill you could stock pile standard lumber size for many rough cut customer needs. Customers could bring you logs to mill for them or give you cut lists to saw out. If you are looking to get into some custom carpentry a bandmill is practically a necessity for the odd size board requirements. These are just a few of the ways a portable bandmill can allow you to have your own business. The freedom to Be the Boss with a portable sawmill.


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