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The LogOX Forestry MultiTool combines three essential forestry tools into a single product that anyone operating a chainsaw, log splitter, or portable sawmill must have.

Specifications: LogOx

The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool combines three essential forestry hand tools into a must-have force multiplier for anyone operating a chainsaw, log splitter, or portable sawmill. The patented LogOX Hauler allows you to lift and move log rounds without additional wear and tear on your back from bending over. It then quickly modifies into either a 38” cant hook or timberjack to assist with rolling or lifting logs prior to cutting. This helps prevent bar pinch, dangerous kickbacks, and chain damage from striking the ground. Get the most out of your outdoor power equipment investment and complete your tree work faster, safer, and easier than ever before with a LogOX.


  • Designed for both high performance professional and home use.
  • LogOX Hauler: quickly lift and move log rounds from the forest floor to your pile, then feed a log splitter, without the back pain usually caused by continually bending over.
    • Cant Hook: will grip and roll 7”- 32″ diameter logs. Delivers powerful leverage for rolling logs on the ground and twisting fallen trees free from limb hang-ups.
    • Timberjack: Lift logs up to 12” in diameter off the ground. Provides a stable raised cutting platform for safer and faster log bucking.
    • Engage and drag larger log rounds to your vertical splitter or hydraulic arm lift more efficiently.
    • Clevis pin assembly allows for a quick and easy transition between tools, rather than using hex screws like other cant hooks/peaveys with log stand attachments.
  • Hollow frame American steel construction, measures only 28” when disassembled for convenient storage and easy transport.
  • The steel’s strength allows our handle to be smaller in diameter than most other cant hooks or timberjacks, making it a great choice for folks with arthritis or carpal tunnel issues.
  • Easy to spot high visibility orange, weather resistant powder-coat finish, honeycomb textured rubber handle.
  • We back up our product with an ironclad 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defect.
  • 100% Made in USA of American sourced components. 
  • Holster Available too. Check out the Benefits Here




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