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Timber Harvester Volume 3

Timber Harvester Volume 3

Specifications: Timber Harvester Volume 3

Timber Harvester Educational Video

“Applying Grade Rules to Sawing”


This video is based on an all-day seminar entitled “Grading and Sawing Hardwood
Lumber.” The instructor is a Senior Forester with the NYS Department of Environmental
Conservation. He teaches the sawyer how to cut the best grade possible by positioning
the log to cut the opening face, placing defects where they have the least impact on
grade. He teaches how to read the grain for defects below the surface, how to improve
the grade by proper edging and trimming, and explain the effects that stress from
growing conditions has on the log and the lumber it contains. Volume 3 Run time: 43 minutes





Timber Harvester Volume 3


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