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Timber Harvester Volume 6

Timber Harvester Volume 6

Specifications: Timber Harvester Volume 6

Timber Harvester Educational Video

“Hardwood Log Grading & Scaling”


In this video, a New York State Senior Forester explains the differences between the
three hardwood log scaling methods most commonly used today. He teaches how to
use a log scale stick, how to look for defects and how they will affect the grade and
board footage of the lumber. He teaches the loggers how to buck the log to eliminate
the defects or position them in the log so they will have minimal impact on the grade of
the lumber to be cut. He then scales logs applying the principles he has just taught. He
stresses the need to be consistent in applying the rules so that everyone is properly paid
for their part in the process of turning trees into lumber. Volume 6 Run time: 59 minutes



Timber Harvester Volume 6


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