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Timber Harvester Volume 7

Timber Harvester Volume 7

Specifications: Timber Harvester Volume 7

Timber Harvester Educational Video

“Understanding How Lumber Dries”


A knowledge of wood technology is important in understanding what happens to
lumber as it dries. Differential shrinkage, the hydroscopic nature of lumber, and the
need to control the relative humidity surrounding the lumber throughout the drying
process are all explained by a Senior Forester with the NYS Department of
Environmental Conservation. Features required for a building for storing the kiln dried
lumber are also described. The difference between bound and free water found in green
lumber, and how to eliminate both, is discussed. This video stresses the need to educate
your customer on the importance of proper handling and storing of the lumber you sell
them so the moisture content and quality can be maintained. Volume 7Run time: 46 minutes


Timber Harvester Volume 7


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