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Remastered to DVD Educational Video Series

Remastered to DVD Educational Video Series

This educational video series will provide valuable information for new personnel as well as seasoned employees, helping to increase their knowledge of grading and sawing hardwood lumber and your sawmill’s profitability!

The videos were originally produced with Timber Harvester, by Duprey Video Productions in Waterloo New York. Throughout the series they worked with a Senior Forester with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, with a robust background in the hardwood lumber industry. The first three volumes are based on an all day seminar in a classroom setting, that provides a basis of general industry knowledge. This information is built upon, in the remainder of the educational series. Volumes four, five and six include live demonstrations on a portable bandsaw mill, narrated, with mill owners in attendance. Volume seven is back to a classroom setting, with supporting visuals and live video inserted for reinforcement.

The original series was produced from 1997-2003 and remastered to DVD in 2020. All of the valuable educational information, techniques and timbering rules taught then are the same as used today.

Volume 1 “Introduction to Hardwood Lumber Grading”
Volume 2 “Describing Basic Hardwood Lumber Grade Rules”
Volume 3 “Applying Grade Rules to Sawing”
Volume 4 “Demonstrating Hardwood Grade Sawing”
Volume 5: “Quarter Sawing, Live & Inside-out Sawing”
Volume 6: “Hardwood Log Grading & Scaling”
Volume 7: “Understanding How Lumber Dries”