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Residing our home for about $5000

Residing our home for about $5000

Just a few pictures and thank you’s for the Sawyer sawmill I purchased from you last year.

We worked through the spring and summer cutting and drying the lumber with our Sawyer Mill.

With a few hold-ups on adjustments and orders of saw blades, we got the job done that we had planned.

Boards and Bats along with Boards and Slabs, we were able to finish our little 2 bedroom 1947 house the way we wanted.

We built a trailer as well, to haul the logs home on. Logs were from slash piles left over from logging companies in the area. The cost was minimal, as the logs were free.

Cost of residing our house, including the sawmill, blades, trailer, transporting logs, etc. was about $5,000.00.

Thank you again for the quality mills you build


William Morley & Wife Gloria