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Saluting Shadow

Saluting Shadow

Veteran and NASA Scientist CW of Double Eagle Sawmill Live Edge Slabber

Saluting Shadow to CW Bailey of Double Eagle Sawmill. CW is a Veteran of the US Air Force and United Space Alliance as a rocket scientist for 30 years. When they closed the NASA program CW decided he would go into business for himself cutting wood. Very quickly CW was able to grow his company on Live Edge boards and Custom Sawing.

In addition to the Double Eagle Sawmills Hud-Son Oscar-330 and Hud-Son H360 for sawmilling needs, a Hud-Son Brute Jr was just added for firewood needs. With many local BBQ’s that cook with wood, even in Para-nice Florida, CW found a need to supply firewood. Many of CW customers are areas Restaurants, Grills, and Tiki Bars featuring CW’s live edge slabs and firewood.

From all of us at Hud-Son Forest Equipment we salute you for your service to this great country. From the US Air Force, NASA, Community involvement, and excitement for God’s renewable resource Wood.

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Pictured here is CW recieving the Snoopy Award presented by the Crew Of Discovery for STS-128