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Set Up for log dogs, sold me on the Sawyer Sawmill

Set Up for log dogs, sold me on the Sawyer Sawmill

“I wanted to Thank you for my mill the little Sawyer, for my use it is perfect, I live in the NW near Mt. St. Helens where wood is pretty plentiful, there are a lot of sawmill makers, but I am happy I purchased yours, the set up for the dogs was what I think sold me over the others, they really are easy to work and have not gave me any problems…in the 1st year I have owned this little mill cutting lumber as a hobby I have made I guess around $30,000.00! I have only had to replace one belt! and nothing else other then blades which are cheap and now have started to sharpen my own blades which I can do 2-3 times on each blade. Working in a shop I don’t get the exercise I need and this little mill with the manually pushing thru the logs, turning logs and stacking lumber is just the right amount of exercise I was looking for. I am 62 years old and this is perfect. I turn down work now because I just don’t have enough time for all the jobs for wood and mainly cut just specialty sizes for fireplace mantels, beams etc… What surprises a lot of people, is how true it cuts. I have a 8ft. board on display, I cut that is 1/4in thick and very true.”

Thanks from a very happy owner.

Mark S.

PS:  This my son cutting some cedar for his new home he is building the last is Douglas Fir piling I am cutting.