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Warrior Sawmill with Doug and Stacy

Warrior Sawmill with Doug and Stacy

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Game Changer! How to make money on the Homestead. A Hud-Son Warrior sawmill was part of this plan! Thank you Doug and Stacy for sharing videos with us.

A plan to make money on the Homestead with Doug and Stacy. Unboxing our first Hud-Son Warrior sawmill.


What an exciting day here at the homestead! I think one of the most asked questions we get here on our YouTube channel is how can we make money and live the lifestyle that you’re living. One thing I want to express to you guys is what your watching and what your seeing right now if your just tuning in or if you are a new subscriber to our channel is eight years of blood, sweat, and tears right now. None of this stuff happened overnight. We saved, we struggled, we hauled water. It took a lot of things to get us to this point.

That’s right Mr. Rooster!

So just remember that when you watch these don’t think that your going to show up at your homestead and things are going to happen overnight but you need a plan. A plan to make money on the homestead. And that’s one of our goals here with Stacy and myself. Showing you field trip Friday and talking to people that are doing this lifestyle. Giving you ideas of ways that you can make money so you can leave that job that you hate, out of the city that stresses you out, so you can breath fresh air, grow your own food, and connect with nature.

So one of the things that we try to focus on is how you guys an get out here and make money on the homestead and live this life. We’ve shown you guys a lavender farm. She turned her passion into a business. We’ve taken you to market gardens and introduced you to market gardeners who are making over six figures. Growing crops such as kale and spinach, carrots and beats. Stuff like that. We have taken you guys to many different places like the alpha’s farm where that guy was raising alpha’s and than sharing them. He makes products out of their fibers so lots of different ways that you guys can make money on the homestead. That’s why Stacy and I put out those video’s. It is to help motivate you and help you think outside of the box.

Just like today’s video where we are going to be talking about a sawmill and unboxing our first one here on the homestead. Then this can bring money to your homestead as well and its really not that complicated.

The one thing I can say about the sawmill so far is that they packaged it really well. They shipped it really good. Everything was strapped down with metal straps and actually this package has been sitting on the side of the barn for quite a while. I just put a tarp over it, a couple of them, and it just stayed dry. Everything is in tact, everything looks good. You guys did notice I actually hauled it over, over here to the pad with a chain on the top so that’s important because usually you get stuff shipped to you and they put it in crappy crafting so when you get it’s all dinged, scratched, busted, and messed up.  So were off to a good start.

Okay guys were going to show you real quick a safety feature so you never saddle a dead end on a cable like this. Right so this is what you call a dead end and this part right here is the saddle. See this right here? Right here, let me show it to you so you can see that. The big end there not the arch but the fat end where it all clamps down, that’s what they call the saddle on the live wire not on your dead wire.

I’m going to show you guys how that looks. This is not just on this. It’s anytime you are stiching up a wire like this and your using these saddles. You want to make sure that you never saddle a dead end. That is your safety tip of the day. So this requires two so I’ll put another one on here right now. I’ll make sure that they are straight and make sure that they’re saddled properly.

Now were going to install the battery. Alright that’s all we got for you today. We got a lot of it assembled and had a couple other things we had to do around the homestead. So we had to break it apart and we will get back to you on the next video. We’re going to oil up the engine, get the gas in there, and than put it all together with the blade and the whole nine. Fire it up for you guys and show you what it’s like. Maybe grab one of these skinner pieces of logs just to kind of put it on there and see just how that thing cuts right thru like butter.

One thing I want to talk about real quick is the company. The Hudon family has been in the business since the 1940’s. There out of New York and their a family run business just like I was talking about earlier. Their passion was forestry and they created a business around their passion. Now they service all of North America freely with all these great sawmills and other forestry tools. As a matter of fact they were actually introduced to us by our friends at the LogOx, a family run business that were friends with here on the homestead. Which your going to see a lot of coming up because we got a lot of firewood video’s coming up and they really help us harvest our firewood with a simple, yet effective invention. They were able to turn their passion into an income as well.

So hopefully all of this is actually inspiring for you guys. The Hudon family adopted the name Hud-Son. What happened was that the son was involved with the business too and its just a really good story and we really like working with them so far.

The one thing about this mill that its called the Warrior sawmill and every time they sell a Warrior sawmill they’re actually donating money to the veterans. So that’s near and dear to our hearts. A lot of you guys have been with us a long time and know that were a military family. Our sons are in the military and we have a strong bond with service to our country and patriotism. So good job on you guys for that and were really looking forward to seeing the next stage of this Hud-Son sawmill the Warrior. I’m going to drop for you guys a clip right here about some bullet points and things Hud-Son put together for you guys can enjoy. Again look forward to more video’s to come and as soon as we get back from the Homesteaders of America conference where Hud-Son is a sponsor as well as LogOx. These people that are running family businesses as well that are investing back into the community guys. So if you guys have money to spend and your looking for ways to improve your homestead please consider all the people we talk about here on our channel because we are supporting and promoting family business and when we can do that everyone is a winner.